Code for Honor

Code for Honor is Microsoft’s award for solution excellence. Build outstanding software solutions in one of four specially chosen categories – Large Enterprises, MSME, Government Enablement, Citizen Services – and showcase your capabilities on the national stage.
Modern devices and cloud-based services have changed the way organizations and users operate. Organizations can now deliver comprehensive software solutions across devices on manageable, elastic, cloud-based IT architecture while users react, interact and purchase differently.

This is exciting. This is new.

Targeted at the best software development firms in the country, Code for Honor is a first-of-its kind competition specifically designed to recognize and reward software solutions primed to harness the power of the new.

Who can participate?

Code for Honor is open to young software companies (in operation for less than 8 years) with fewer than 200 employees. Teams will be divided into two groups based on organization size:
1. Large Organizations – companies with fewer than 200 employees
2. Mid-sized Organizations – companies with fewer than 50 employees

What you need to do

Follow these steps to get started with the Code for Honor competition.

1. To enter the competition, register your Code for Honor team.
2. Choose an award category.
3. You will have now entered Phase 1 of the competition.
4. Submit a description of your idea along with a project synopsis.
5. Your submission will be evaluated by a team of experts and the top 200 teams will advance to the Zonal Finals.
6. If your team is selected for Phase 2, a Microsoft representative will contact you with participation details before 31 January.

For a complete breakdown of the competition process, have a look at the FAQ. If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact the Code for Honor team.



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