MSP India 2014 selection

Microsoft Student Partner is the best student culture across world organised by microsoft. It’s a program under which students are made freely available all the microsoft tools and help out microsoft in carrying out several country wide programs. Finally students get a chance to sit on the recruitment process of microsoft. It gives student the biggest possible network of students and technocrats that no one can imagine.
This years Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) selection is tough, following are the 3 steps involved :
“Step 1” :
(Minimum 2 out of 4 activities required for Step 2)

1. One High quality Windows 8 App with silver category badge or higher by App Labs India. (apps should not be RSS Feed app, calculators, converters etc) — // Apps should be made and submitted to windows store and upload the package on skydrive and url of skydrive should be mailed to APPLABS ..  Make A windows 8 app in the language you are comfortable , if language is C#,VB use expression blend(designing software included with Visual Studio 2012 . ) . and if language is HTML5, JS , Jquery ,CSS .. then animation can be done easily …. 

2. Recognition as “Azure Top Contributor” by conducting various sessions on Windows Azure services and getting minimal of 1 referral. Windows Azure — It is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft . U have to learn through the resources , what it is and conduct sessions on the services of it and get minimum one referral ..(get one customer to buy azure services ) 

3. Publish 1 office app for Microsoft Office.  Can be made using VS2012.. 

4. Utilizing the MVA( Microsoft Virtual Academy ) resources and to be remain in Top 10 students on MVA India weekly leaderboard. Go to and click on” Sign in ” to sign in using Microsoft Account . 

“Step 2” :
Recommendation letter from a Faculty member or Existing Microsoft Student Partner ..

“Step 3”:
Telephonic Interview by MSP Team India and this will the elimination round.

Selection process will go live on or before Oct 25, 2013.
Deadlines for each step will be posted soon on :
helpful links:

You Can Also Contact your or other region’s MSP’s for help 
Following points are mandatory for making an app .
1. Windows 8 should be installed .
2. VS2012 should be installed .

All The Best

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