Windows 8 Metro Apps Internet Access [WORKING]

Hi guys,  it’s good to see you people using windows 8/8.1. It’s the new revolutionary OS by Microsoft. But the problem is that for all those people who are in an organisation where there is proxy server checking the traffic like in colleges and offices, we see that metro apps don’t work. It’s cause metro apps do not take the proxy settings of desktop IE by default, it works under complete isolation Network. But don’t worry i have got a solution and works fine, wholla!

Simply, follow the steps below you will make it…

1. Note down your Campus Proxy Server IP and Port in a paper.
2.  Install Proxifier (get full version from torrent),
Now configure proxifier as shown in video. Setting a proxy server in your desktop.

After setting proxifier and IE lan settings its now connecting APPS with IE settings.

3. Install fiddler 4 from here.
4. Now install it, and click the upper leftmost windows 8 icon as shown in image below, and then a prompt appears click yes and then select Exempt All for selecting all the apps in which we need internet connection and finally save changes and close this new windows but note don’t close the fiddler.

fiddler windows 8fiddler4 windows

5. After All this is done restart your PC.
Do check that after restart internet access available is shown in the desktop if there is no internet access with a alert mark in desktop network icon then it (windows store) won’t work.

6. Open Proxifier first and then fiddler in desktop.

7. Now all your Metro Apps will work fine including Windows Store. 

Note: It will work as long as Fiddler is Open and if you install a new app then you have to again exempt all and save changes.


metro tube

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3 responses to “Windows 8 Metro Apps Internet Access [WORKING]

    • if you use fiddler as above configuration then Store will work, if you simply close the store process from task bar and reopen it. But to use internet in other apps your have to remove the yellow alert (no internet) mark. Try to run internet through IE(internet explorer) if that work hope rest will work to.

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