Nokia DVLUP launched

dvlupHi guys, this is the write time to start developing apps for your new lumia phones(Windows phone). So, why to wait Nokia(one of the largest mobile maker) has extended it’s developer UP (DVLUP) program to 5 new countries: Australia, India, Indonesia, Italy and Vietnam!

What is DVLUP?
DVLUP is an exciting new rewards program for Nokia developers. DVLUP lets you earn and redeem points for rewards such as the latest Nokia devices, accessories, promotional opportunities for your app and more.

How does it work?
DVLUP awards you XP (experience points) when you complete DVLUP Challenges. A DVLUP Challenge can be completed by taking a quiz, developing an app or game, improving an app, or achieving levels of success with your app in the store. Once you’ve earned your XP, you can redeem the XP forvaluable rewards.
In addition, you can collect cool badges and share your achievements through Facebook and Twitter. Your DVLUP profile will summarize all your achievements, including your number of apps, badges, and XP total. If you have a competitive spirit, you can aim for the top spot on the DVLUP leaderboard!

To learn more, check out this DVLUP video:

How do I get started?
To join DVLUP, simply register on the DVLUP site.
So what are you waiting for? Show off your chops now on!

nokia developer


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