Magnet link not Working (SOLVED)

hi friends, as we all know The Pirate Bay is one of the famous torrent site for users like us. But recently it completely shifted to magnet link from download .torrent file. Some times magnet link work but most often they done if you are using internet in your college or any institution where there is proxy server.

So, to get going with The Pirate Bay magnet link why not convert it to .torrent file simply by following steps below:

  1. Open a chrome browser,
  2. Search in ChromeStore magnet2torrent extension and install it,
  3. Now simply right click over your magnet link in thepiratebay website and select  ‘Copy Converted TPB Magnet 2 Torrent Link’,
  4. Now your .torrent file link has been copied to clipboard,
  5. Simply open a new tab and paste the link by using Ctrl + V command and press Enter.

There you go now you have the .torrent file downloaded and everything now works fine.
Hope this solves your problem, enjoy!

magnet link


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