Metro Studio for FREE

Hi folks, there is this tool that every developers and designer would love to use.metro studio logo

Just Imagine

  • you can find all icons that you need for a project.
  • fill them with colors of your wish.
  • make sprite batch images for web pages instantly.
  • instant export to xaml for easy integration with microsoft technologies
  • or save made icon it to any format (.png, .jpeg, etc)
  • finally reuse made projects

All this offline and free, with no copyright infringement.

Guys you don’t need any Photoshop classes to do all this.

I assure you it’s very easy to play and learn with it, though I shall provide you with a quick tutorial how to get your first project with it.  But first lets download this great piece of software, metro studio . fill full formSimply the fill up the form and get the download link,  note for students i prefer you enter your institution name in Company field.  Now just install it.

Open the application, you shall see Icon category that you can play with to get thousands icons.1

But better you search (right upper corner), guess I need a people icon. Search people.

2There we got list of icons related to people. Now simply drag your icon to interest and drop it to the red Create new project area. Give it a name (e.g.. People)


Click on edit icon to open the project, here you got into the designers area now. There are simple tools right side just play with those and you can figure out what they do easily.


Screenshot (189)

Screenshot (191)When you are ready just click export and done you can now save your icon in .png or .jpeg or to any other format it provides.

Screenshot (192)

It was so simple, right. Never felt creating icons and images was a kids play. Guys if you like it you can share this post and let your friends know that this is a great product. After all sharing is caring.


This is an app made with the help of this product : 3x_signup

Do like this post guys! if you love the product. Cause this inspires us to keep going.
Have nice day!

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