IDM integration in Google Chrome (WORKING)

“Google has flagged IDM Integration has been prevented.”

Hi friends it very sad news that google has flagged IDM extension as malicious.
But, there’s a way to bypass this restriction:

  • Go to “Internet Download Manager” folder in the “Program Files”.
  • Look for file IDMGCExt.crx (This is the IDM integration extension for Chrome)
  • Using 7Zip or Winzip or Winrar extract the contents of the file to a folder on desktop (or where you can write data, since in the program files you need permissions to write)
  • Copy the folder with the files extracted to the folder of IDM in Program Files
  • Open extensions page on Google Chrome and enable the developer mode.
  • Click on button “Load unpacked extension” (or something like that), navigate to the folder where you extracted the files and choose it. Done. IDM extension will be back.

Enjoy, hope this will help you. But i prefer the 2nd option as below.

source: Google forums

you have another option simply install newer version of IDM like: IDM 6.15, will make it work.Β Make sure you turn off your antivirus before installing cause it will delete the patch file.Β Hope download link works, if you find any working download link do comment below!

Update to this Post: Thank for your support! here is a latest build of IDM which is completely working and integrates directly to all browsers. download it hereΒ !


49 responses to “IDM integration in Google Chrome (WORKING)

  1. Nivesh Singh, Thank you very much for this! I was looking fo ages for this kind of tutorial and it’s working. Maybe you can add, this line in button 3 of your tutorial, “IDMGCExt.crx should be rename to or IDMGCExt.rar to be able to extract the file”.

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