Download apps from Windows 8 Store

Congratulations, that you are a early adapter of windows 8 OS, cause it’s way cool and fast than Win7 apart from that it has whole lot to new awesome APPS and xbox games(skater i love it). But some of us have problems while downloading apps from windows store or apps display no network connection even if there is network on your system.

Just follow steps below to solve it, and donn’t worry much:

1. Make sure you have a network connection wifi or lan connection.
2. As, you can not access internet in apps or windows store use latest version of fiddler(currently fiddler 4.0), you can download it.
3. Then simply install it and launch it.

fiddler landing page


4. Click on Win8 Config, a new windows opens, there do refresh first then select Exempt ALL and do yes. that’s it close this new windows but keep the fiddler running.

fiddler img5. Note  that if you install any new app from app store then also you have to refresh and exempt all for internet access from that app.

Keep the fiddler running if you want windows 8  apps to access internet and download APPS from store. Hope this may solve your problem. For any query you can comment below.


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