The Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Microsoft and their universities. The MSP Program is active in over 80 countries around the world.  MSPs represent their global region and their local campus as Microsoft technology experts.

The MSP program showcases students on the rise. The MSP program is for students who realize the best technology careers come to those chase their dreams.

Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are social and friendly students who like to meet new people. MSPs are the game changers of the future. They think and act boldly.

As an MSP you will:

  • build apps and demos
  • demonstrate the newest technologies and host tech events on your campus
  • acquire the tools and training to lead technology discussions on your campus
  • build your global network with industry experts
  • connect with like-minded students and faculty around the world
  • attend trainings from Microsoft leaders to enhance your knowledge about cutting edge technologies
  • be the one on your campus with insight and answers on Microsoft technologies

The MSP Program is recruiting new MSPs please visit this below link for verification about the recruiting program in your country.
microsoft student partners


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