Microsoft Design Camp INDIA

Event date: 5th june Bangalore, 7th june Pune
Windows 8 is a new digital canvas where you can showcase your creativity and flair with apps that reach hundreds of millions of people. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a designer!


What is a Microsoft Design Camp?

Microsoft Design Camps are free, fun, no-fluff workshops for designers, by designers.  In this camp you’ll learn how to design world-class apps from experts such as Brandy Porter and Brian Harper from Big Nerd Ranch. We also plan to include some bonus content around responsive web design. You will get the opportunity to network with other designers, cook up your own designs and win prizes during this event.


What can I expect?

Your time will be split between discussing key principles of Windows Store app design and applying what you’ve learned in design exercises. All design exercises are done sketching with paper and pencil to provide you a way to quickly apply what you’ve learned and get feedback from camp mentors.


What’s the agenda?

In this design camp, we’ll cover:

·         Principles of Microsoft Design

·         Navigation

·         Layout

·         UI Elements

·         Charms, Contracts, and Extensions

·         Snapping and Scaling

·         Windows Store

·         Bonus content: Responsive web design

·         “Cook up a design” contest.


What should I bring along?
Please bring your device with design software, even if it is non-Microsoft.
More information is available at


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