Mozilla Firefox Windows 8 released (nightly)

metro firefox

metro firefox

Hi friends, it’s been several months since Mozilla launched the first test version of its Metro UI version of its Firefox web browser especially designed for Windows 8. This version was offered for people who used the Nightly test version but on a different development branch, called Elm.

Now it appears that the standard Nightly Firefox testers will finally get a chance to check out the Windows 8 Metro version of the browser. In an update on his blog, Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler stated:

On Tuesday, our preliminary Metro Firefox development work arrived at mozilla-central, the source code repository that feeds the Firefox Nightly channel. This means that if you are on the Firefox Nightly channel and you have a Windows 8 device, your Wednesday Firefox update should deliver a Metro Firefox tile to the far right end of your Windows Start screen.

Well, the browser works pretty fast and in descent way, firefox sync also works great. Only you have to Update your Adobe Flash if you are using older version of flash as it blocks older version of flash. Most of the addons work well, good news is that IDM plugin works fine. All way I like it and switched to it after chrome as its more secure and nightly is cool though. But nevertheless I love IE10 cuz of its clean UI and security.

You can go ahead and download the current “Nightly” version of Firefox at its website.

nightly desktop mode

nightly desktop mode


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