Microsoft, always won final battles

Microsoft has always been very reasonably competitive when it comes to unique technology adoption. A popular example was way back in 1997, with their Internet Explorer browser. They started with 0% market share, and at the end of an 18 month fight with Netscape, they grabbed 95% market share… killing Netscape entirely.

Although, Microsoft has very aggressive and unshakable competitors namely, Google and Apple – they undoubtedly recognize how to play this game it does not matter the size of the competition.

They did it recently in the console market with their XBox, even though Sony and Nintendo were all over this space. Now Xbox 360 rules them all.

Today, in a press briefing at CES, Venture Beat reports that Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was asked if Windows Phone could truly compete with the two smartphone leaders in Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Jacobs stated:

It’s too early to call the game one way or another. I never count out Microsoft out because they’re willing to put a lot of effort into things, they play the long game, they’ve got a lot of resources, they have a lot of benefits in the sense of tie-ins to enterprise software and Xbox.

They already have the money, cash reserves and some very good professionals to do this in the mobile software platform arena. The new Windows Phone platform can establish and reopen many new opportunities for developers and mobile app creators in the next 2 to 3 months.

If you get into this early – you will benefit the most… just like the early days of the App Store and Android Market.


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