upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8(instantly)

Firstly, let me clear you all that upgrade is flawless and smooth keeping all your settings and programs safe, now you need to get the setup of windows 8 (Retail or MSDN). Then follows following steps:

  1. Open windows 7 and insert boot-table pendrive and run the setupwindows 8 installation
  2. Choose first option (keep system files, apps and program files), so that only windows 7 may upgrade to windows8 leaving the rest part it is, guess what it works flawlessly as i have self upgraded my lappy (Dell inspiron).
  3. If it prompts to delete any software, mostly Bluetooth then uninstall it and press refresh button.
  4. System will restart several times, but don’t worry everythings gonna be fine.
  5. Note, if metro apps are not working in windows 8 (upgraded) then simply first check opening app nun
  6. Then try uninstall and reinstall your antivirus then check in my case this worked, else uninstall and reinstall metro apps!
  7. In case if you don’t see some of your previous partitions then don’t panic, they are there just hidden, that you can see after editing in group policy editor. In desktop press windows + R type: gpedit.msc then open as shown in image:
  8. gpedit
  9. 4
  10. 5
  11. thus set it to disable and restart you system and enjoy!

Enjoy friends with your windows 8, complete OS is hardware accelerated, live tiles and many more.


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