Mail reimagined , introducing OUTLOOK

Hi guys we all loved the new metro UI and its cleanliness. Well as windows 8 is soon coming microsoft is working hard on turning all its online and offline applications in metro like new Office13 and now has changed to fully metro ui and fully integrated with social network (facebook , linkedin , twitter , youtube ).

The new indox is simple to use and fast to load.  Complete outlook is integrated with messenger service . The feel of using this new mail is simply cool . Its the simplest mail ever along with its high security features. Check out the inbox image below.

New compose mail is also cleaned and simple that previous mail. Now sending mail feels like just another message to be send. The SUBJECT line is at the TOP and recipients name is left side.

The menu section is hidden to : People, Skydrive , Calender and Mail.

Other sections like Calender and skydrive are not changed to metro but people section is new and easy to use. You can easily send message and write to wall of your friends direct from outlook . It displays people list and there info very intuitively.

after all i would say its far better than previous mail and very clean and easy to use. Looking forward for skydrive also to change into metro .


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